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Letter: Gilman to Avon transmission line is bad for wildlife

Holy Cross Electric is interested in creating the Gilman to Avon transmission line to help alleviate potential electrical outages for the towns of Vail and Avon. The line will also allow Vail and Avon to increase electrical capacity. The line would run through Minturn using existing utility easements.

Minturn does not utilize Holy Cross Electric and the town of Minturn would need permission to use or lease the line in an emergency. The proposed electrical line will run from north to south along the elk migrating corridor above Minturn. Holy cross is considering burying the line just south of the Town of Minturn until just north of Little Beach Park. When the high-voltage electrical line jets out of the ground it will need to be strung on electrical poles between 50-75 feet high. Just when we started to see the elk herd making a comeback, Holy Cross wants to destroy their habitat to bury an electrical line for the sole benefit of Holy Cross users.

I am not a NIMBY (not in my back yard). I will not see these monstrous poles behind my house but I will see the dirt service roads scarring the mountainside. I will only experience those sky-high electrical poles when I hike out to the Two Elk drainage or drive north out of town. The Forest Service will open the second public comment period later in 2020 once the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) is available for public review. Although no specific dates are scheduled due to the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 crisis, a mid-to-late summer 2020 timeline is probable. For more information, please visit the Town of Minturn website http://www.minturn.org/hot-topics. Please help protect our precious wildlife and the beautiful valley view corridor from Gilman to I-70! 

Liz Huppert


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