Letter: Giving thanks for telecommunicators in Eagle County

Congress has set aside the second week of April as National Public Safety Telecommunicators week (April 10-16, 2022). These dedicated men and women who work 24/7/365, under sometimes incredible stress, long hours and very little recognition are highly deserving of this recognition.

Our emergency telecommunicators here in Eagle County are no different; every emergency response in our entire county is initiated through the Vail Public Safety Communications Center. In 2021, our team responded to over 27,000 911 calls. In addition, we generated 133,000 calls for service in our county, from parking complaints to cardiac arrests and the whole gamut in between.

Our dispatchers are required to complete a four-month training program that is as rigorous as any you might imagine. They must learn all the geographic locations of Eagle County’s 1,692 square miles, operation of several different software platforms, radio and phone usage and many other technical skills. In addition, our local telecommunicators are all trained in the use of Emergency Medical Dispatch, meaning that when we are called on, we can, and do, give pre-arrival medical instruction that can save lives, stop bleeding, even deliver babies!

I consider myself honored and incredibly fortunate to be able to work with such an incredible team of emergency responders. I want all to know that we are here, always, waiting for your phone call and ready to initiate the emergency response that may save your life. I hope that you will take a moment out of your busy day and say a prayer or whatever you do to acknowledge these talented and dedicated men and women who are the servants that no one sees.

Marc Wentworth, Director, Vail Public Safety Communications Center

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