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Letter: Giving thanks for the Thrifty Shop

A few years ago my mother passed and the family had the arduous task of cleaning out the house for sale. It is such a terrible experience. You are in shock, sad and grieving, and you are faced with discarding items you know your mom loved and loved because of the memories the item brought to her mind. After that, I said I am not going to put my family through this ordeal.

But I put it off. We moved a few times and just kept accumulating stuff. Well, we are leaving the area, at least temporarily, could be permanent, but we have had to clean house. Thank goodness for the Thrifty Shop. They came when they said they would, took everything we wanted them to take, and were extremely courteous. That goes for the folks who arranged the pick up to the two gentlemen who had to do the difficult task of moving out all our treasures to hopefully be enjoyed by someone else. I hope the community will always support the Thrifty Shop in any way it can.

Madeline Moos


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