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Letter: Grateful for the Golden Eagle Senior Center

I have been a resident of the Golden Eagle apartments for 16 years.  I would like to take this opportunity to give a “great big shout out” to all the staff and volunteers that we have had in the last few years. Being as I have volunteered myself in most of the positions in years past, I know what a commitment this is and the energy that goes into it. 

I have been a resident of the valley since 1984 and worked upvalley in many different positions, sometimes working three jobs. I never thought I could stay in the valley and be able to retire until I found this wonderful facility. It has given me the freedom to retire and be able to enjoy this wonderful mountain life we love.

At this time I would like to acknowledge the staff and the great job they are doing for us. Matt Andrews, manager, Carly Rietmann, ite coordinator, Claudia Chacon, chef, and Jackie Schempf, kitchen helper. Our wonderful volunteers include: Rosanne Cassidy, Geni Garcia, Rose Gari, Sarah Kennedy, Bunny Roney, Coni Aguilar, Lorraine Rodarte’ and Angelica. These are folks who keep everything running smoothly for our great meals on Tuesday and Thursday at the Golden Eagle. Marty and Maryanne are delivering meals to “shut-ins” on lunch days. Last but not least are the fifth graders who come to help and serve us.

Irene Olive is our very talented decorator, along with Teloa butler, who makes our centerpieces for our tables. There are so many creative and talented folks who are my neighbors. As I’ve expressed to my neighbors, this is the best and most conscientious staff we have ever had. Of course, there are the great exercise instructors; Melanie, Gary and Kim. We are so blessed to have all of them. Happy 2020 everyone! You make living here a real joy! 

Linda Carr


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