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Letter: Gravel pit goes against community values

Eagle County is a community centered around the values of natural landscapes, treating the land with respect and enjoying all of the recreation that comes with it. We live in a place that you can travel a short distance and experience the incredible, from Piney Lake and Lime Creek to dense forests and the confluence the Eagle River and the West’s workhorse: the Colorado River. Not only that, but we value our fellow locals and neighbors working to keep our valley running.

The plan to develop a gravel pit along the Colorado River Corridor in Dotsero does not align with the Dotsero Community Plan, nor our community values.

As the gateway to the Flattops, Colorado Scenic Byway, and the Upper Colorado River, the confluence area must maintain its visual integrity. Contrary to the developer’s assertion, the mile-long gravel operation on the hillside will definitely be seen from all points in the community.

Wildlife is a precious resource to our community. Though there is a conservation easement on the riverbank of the property, its efficacy will be offset by construction of the gravel mine, which will block wildlife, disrupt their migration patterns, and just as in Edwards, diminish herds viability.

Additionally, the effects of mining are heavy truck traffic, unhealthy air and noise pollution. Dotsero’s air quality and noise pollution is already compromised by CDOT’s large semi-truck parking area. Dotsero must not become an environmental “dumping ground.” It is a working-class community. Most citizens are employed as support workers for upvalley resorts. They deserve the same beauty, joy and healthy environment. What if this was planned in Vail or Edwards?

Eagle County Planning Commission: Deny this application for exemption to the Dotsero Community Plan.

Fellow community members: Get involved and help stop this unnecessary destruction.

James Dilzell


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