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Letter: Hansen is a true leader who’ll serve Vail well

I was a Vail resident for 17 years, and had the opportunity to work with Kirk Hansen when he was church council president a few years ago when I was also a council member. He was organized, measured in the presentation of his positions, professional and very effective leading our congregation through financial and administrative challenges. I learned a lot from him and was always impressed with his calm and pragmatic approach to board disagreements and church needs.

He is a true leader, with excellent listening and communication skills. Having been involved in volunteer boards (Vail Planning Commission, Vail Recreation Board, Vail Liquor Board, Vail Commission on Special Events) for the town for many years, he is also well versed in the town’s various areas of responsibility and as such would be more immediately effective as a council member.

Kirk and his wife Julie have lived in Vail for many years and not only love their hometown greatly, but also have knowledge of its history, changes over the years and potential for future excellence. Kirk would work hard and well for the residents and visitors of Vail — Eagle County’s premier recreation town, and I urge all who can to vote for Kirk to do so when filling out their ballot.

Teak Simonton


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