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Letter: Happy Trans Day of Visibility

Happy Trans Day of Visibility on March 31. For all my trans siblings, I know right now is a scary time. I know I’m finding it hard celebrating today in the face of many in this country who at best ignore who we say we are and at worst think we should be unalive. But on this day of visibility, I want to address my thoughts to those that aren’t visible either because you can’t safely be visible or because those around you don’t see you for who you are …

Being trans in this country isn’t easy. I’m not going to lie to you. But I do promise that you are not alone. I also promise you that there is joy, even if only in the quiet safe spaces we cultivate. There is euphoria and not only dysphoria. There are those who will know and see you without you having to demand they do. 

And I know living for the promise of tomorrow sometimes isn’t enough to make today bearable. But as a trans adult who never thought I could be happy, who never thought I could like myself, who never thought someone else could love me for me, who never even knew why I felt so wrong for so long … please, don’t give up.

If no one is there for you, know I’m here for you and I’m so proud of you. Proud that you have the courage to know yourself. To be yourself. To cherish yourself and want a life where you get to be your full self. You are brave, magical and stronger than anyone around can even conceive of. And today, I see you.

Ariel Levine

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