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Letter: Hardly fake news

It is not surprising to read letters to the editor like Larry Klimczyk’s “Fake news hits the Eagle Valley.” Today’s world appears to have more and more people resorting to deflective projection: accusing others of the very things they themselves are doing. Sad! 

The letter is full of misrepresentations, some of which may even have been intentional. With only a few minutes’ (it’s called a “plural possessive,” Larry. You’re welcome.) research, anyone can find out that there’s only one Larry Klimczyk in Colorado, and that he works for a business called “Vacation Home Exchange.” Why he didn’t reveal this obvious self-interest seems very odd. (Actually, no it doesn’t.)

Grammar, punctuation, and ethical transparency aside, Larry gets an “F” for comprehension. Allow me to set the record straight:

  • I advise all readers who own property in New York City, Las Vegas, or the country of Japan who don’t want to incur steep fines or worse to thoroughly review current laws before listing their units there as short-term rentals.
  • As for the accusation of hypocrisy, in my piece, “Short-term rentals, long-term effects” I was careful to distinguish between “regulated” and “unregulated” short-term rentals when describing their impact on communities. Where I live in EagleVail, short-term rentals are unregulated. But in the cities where I use Airbnb as a traveler, they’re highly regulated, with owners who live on-site, something I actually argue for in my piece. So, no, Larry of Vacation Home Exchange. I am not a hypocrite. 
  • In his letter, Larry offers solutions for noise and disruption (sort of), as though these are the only issues I outlined. But my piece actually describes the biggest negative impact to communities that unregulated (it’s called an “adjective,” Larry) short-term rentals have as this: they fill buildings with rotating groups of vacationing strangers, which does not make a neighborhood. It makes a hotel. And I don’t know anyone who wants to live next to a hotel. Do you?

Madeleine Berenson


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