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Letter: Headline bonanza for fringe politician

Why is the Vail Daily giving sensational headlines to Lauren Boebert, our radical U.S. House Representative from District 3? There are articles more than once per week with the name Boebert in the headlines on multiple pages. The latest had her name in headlines on four pages! In the May 28 edition, the name appeared in bold headline type on three pages!

This trend was apparent during the 2020 campaign. Vail Daily published articles about Boebert’s radical campaign with colored pictures in early pages while the reporting of her more qualified opponent with a black and white photo appeared in later pages.

Is this balanced reporting? The Vail Daily is often criticized for its liberal leanings. In this case, it seems the paper is going for the more sensational headlines of a radical and often off-the-rails politician who, like the party leader, likes the attention and headlines. The Vail Daily in publishing the name over and over, whether positive or negative, is giving this politician name recognition, which is recognized as power in any election.

Will we see balanced reporting and equal coverage of her opponent in the upcoming election? I certainly hope so!

Gena Whitten

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