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Letter: Headline got it wrong

A couple of Vail Daily headlines caught my eye on Saturday, Sept. 12: Front Page: “Tax Revenue Rebounds” and pertaining article, Page A3: “Sales tax decline not as bad as feared.” I thought to myself, “Why would ‘happy’ be the appropriate response to rebounding tax revenues? Have I ever ‘feared’ a tax decline, be it sales, income or property or thought of a tax decline as ‘bad’?” So, I then decided to read the article.

As it turns out, the real story hidden in the article is that Vail business revenues rebounded. Now that makes me happy! Business-owner innovation, along with stepped-up resident support of local businesses, were the driving forces behind these favorable revenue results. Business ingenuity and community spirit are what should be celebrated! Associated tax revenues are the secondary result, not the accomplishment that should be featured in this article or its headline.  

So why the emphasis on tax revenues? Sales tax revenue, the author jubilantly declares in the article’s opening paragraph, “is the lifeblood of town government in Colorado.” I don’t think so. More accurately, business income is the lifeblood of Vail (and its government) and every other town in Colorado.  Without it, there would be no sales tax revenue … and no government and no entertainment or other services funded by the town.  

The author, Business Editor Scott Miller, may be a straight-shooting business editor. Perhaps he argued for business-oriented article and headline and was overruled by more senior editors. Or maybe he’s so indoctrinated in the paper’s left-leaning portrayal of news that featuring government over business is automatic. So, let me give praise where it’s due.

Bravo, Vail business. Congratulations, Vail community. You’ve proven in a time of crisis that renewed commitment to free enterprise and community spirit are pathways to a better future.

Michael Kaddatz

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