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Letter: Heartbreak and hope

The heartbreak is the more than 300,000 lives lost to COVID-19 in 2020 and thousands more each day. The food insecurity and people being evicted from their homes, while under the leadership of Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate, is so much part of the heartbreak.

The hope is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris going to the White House to restore some sense of decency, honesty, and civility once again. The great hope is the vaccine, which is being administered at this time to the front-line workers and doctors in the hospitals across our great nation.

The fate of America is in the hands of the youth of our country. The gun violence, the climate crisis, the racial injustice is the challenges they must face, along with the financial crises this pandemic has inflicted upon them. I believe in them and I believe in America. We will survive as a Democracy.

Linda Carr


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