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Letter: Heartfelt thanks for Veterans Day program

In these different times, we are all working on getting used to doing things in new and different ways. This all makes for a great deal of flexibility and creativity — and thank goodness we have that in our wonderful community.  We were not able to do our usual 20-plus school programs this year due to COVID-19 precautions, so a number of people put their heads together and came up with a super new project. 

We all want to thank Hannah Shapiro, media, journalism and English teacher at Eagle Valley High School. Under her direction, a group of incredible students interviewed 15 veterans and have edited and constructed to create an amazing video for use in the schools and on High Five Access Media (channel 5) and Eagle County Television (channel 18) throughout Wednesday. You can also view the videos here. Many thanks to our sensitive and curious interviewer students at EVHS: Otto Berga, Sam Elliott, Adriana Gallegos Helguera, Hailey Gifford, Zoe Greener, Sam Heller, Arden Houck, Langston James, Carter Josef, Alex LeBarron, Kimberly Mayorga Escalante, Reagan McAdams, Jordan Neifert, Hannah Rippstein and Zosia Skiba.

Sam Elliott and Langston James are student directors of the project, so they scheduled, organized, oversaw everything the students did, and they’re making the giant Veterans Day segment component. 

And, of course, many thanks to the veterans who gave their time and effort to be interviewed for the project. It is not always easy to talk about these subjects and our veterans spoke from the heart about their military experiences:

Pete Thompson, U.S. Army, Vietnam
Dan Smith, U.S. Army, Vietnam
Carolyn Schneider, U.S. Navy
John Krueger, U.S. Navy
Garrett Fond, U.S. Army, Vietnam
Laura Johnson, U.S. Air Force, Iraq
Bill Welch, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam
Claire Noble, U.S. Air Force
Kenton Krohlow, U.S. Army, Vietnam
Ron Amass, U.S. Marine Corps
Heather Parker, U.S. Army
Dave Schneider, U.S. Army, Vietnam
Sid Spain, U.S. Navy
Butch Mazzuca, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam

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In these new days of creative and challanging achievements, we thank everyone involved. We wish all the veterans of Eagle County a happy Veterans Day and thank everyone involved in this project for acknowledging all of our wonderful veterans,

With deep gratitude and respect.

Patricia Hammon, RN, U.S. Army Nurse Corps, Vietnam, Eagle County Veteran Service Officer

Debbie Robbins, Veterans Day Coordinator

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