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Letter: Help protect our bighorn sheep

Until recently, Vail Resorts had at least pretended to be interested in a win-win proposal for the Booth Heights parcel near the East Vail exit. The parcel is critical winter habitat for a herd of bighorn sheep that have called it home long before any of us, including Vail Resorts, came to the Vail Valley.

That proposal, which the town and the parcel’s proposed developer Triumph Development have worked on for months, would have preserved the habitat for our local bighorn sheep herd by transferring the Booth Heights land into the town’s ownership in exchange for a parcel in the Middle Creek area that is more suitable for housing development.

But now Vail Resorts has made it clear that it will have nothing to do with this win-win arrangement, sheep be damned. Instead, Vail Resorts still intends to build housing on the Booth Heights parcel. Is Vail Resorts’ claim to being a green and caring company just part of its PR campaign to enhance its image, or does it really care about our local wildlife?

Vail Resorts, it is time to walk the talk. Do you actually care about the natural environment and the wildlife that call it home — or not? And think of the deservedly good PR you would receive if you did.

Mike Browning, Chair, Eagle Summit Wilderness Alliance

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