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Letter: Here we go again with Booth Heights

For three years a group of concerned citizens, ourselves included, worked to stop the development of Booth Heights so that sheep habitat would be preserved. We always feared that something would go wrong since Vail Resorts had not spoken up and agreed to help protect the sheep.

Vail Resorts’ silence was ominous.

The Town Council and the people opposed to Booth Heights believed that Lot 3 would be a substitute for Booth Heights. We thought Vail Resorts was negotiating in good faith but Vail Resorts was never at the table.

On Tuesday night, we ask the Town Council to do whatever is necessary to make sure there is no development on Booth Heights. Stand up against Vail Resorts and listen to the voices that fought for the protection of the bighorn sheep.

Charlie and Patti Langmaid

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