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Letter: Why it’s great to live in Vail and Aspen

I thank the Aspen-based author, Allyn Harvey, for the kind words about Vail. In return, I want to say that Aspen, like every other ski town in Colorado, is high on my list of great places. I would be highly suspicious of those who say otherwise.

It wasn’t mentioned, but I hope Allyn noticed Vail’s most outstanding quality, the people. Kindness and happiness is the rule here, rather than the exception, strikingly so to a former East Coaster. Example: Observe the chaos of newbies trying to navigate our roundabouts; the absence of honking horns and middle fingers is a tribute to the locals and starkly different than the experience of city dwellers.

In closing, though I don’t know a single resident of Aspen, living in such similar circumstances, I hope that they are as kind, grateful and happy as we are here.

Jeff Milloy


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