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Letter: Hey, CDOT! Avon gotcha!

Yep! Colorado Department of Transportation, Avon gotcha! They convinced you a roundabout at Stonebridge and U.S. Highway 6 is a good idea. But, wait a minute! Aren’t you still working on a traffic-snarling, summerlong repaving of just that length of the road?

Oh yes, and you still aren’t finished with that work, and traffic is still tolerating a lengthy and inconvenient standstill much of the day. And now you have agreed to build a roundabout where protesting neighbors at that intersection will only be able to turn left into their driveways at the risk of their lives.

CDOT, you must love spending the taxpayers’ money doing the same thing twice — and Avon sure loves getting grant money. They gotcha!

Carolyn Swanepoel


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