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Letter: Hijacked Christianity

I grew up in the “Bible Belt” Midwest. I happily attended my Baptist church twice a week until I left for college. The teachings were simple and beautiful. I am grateful for that experience. 

Today, however, I am saddened and ashamed for what is happening in our country. Though the majority are good, honest people, there are those who hold the banner of Christianity only to recruit a following for self-serving ends. We are in very dangerous times when so-called “Christians” allow a person to lead our country who is completely lacking in moral values.

I have traveled all over the world and have been proud to be received as an American. Recently, however, some have commented, “How can you in the United States have elected such a man?” We were taught as children not to lie and to live by the golden rule. Our president continues to dishonor these moral values.

I am blessed with close friends who are Jewish, Baha’i, Muslim and atheist. Shouldn’t Christians follow a leader who tries to bring us together rather than constantly creating hate and division? Our democracy is on the brink. Let us not be hypocrites like our president. Let those who are true to the basic teachings of their faith stand up and not allow a leader such as Trump to take us all down this path of disaster. We cannot place loyalty to Trump over our allegiance to American democracy and core religious values.

Yolanda Marshall


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