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Letter: Hold visitors accountable for slowing the spread

I was glad to see the article about Pitkin County breakthrough cases. I am just disappointed that there was no mention of Eagle County — as we know that the same situation exists here.

As a county, we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the state — and country — and yet we have been deemed a “high-risk” county because of our case and positivity rates.

If these statistics confuse you, just drive around and count the number of license plates from Texas, Florida and other highly infected states.

Now our kids have to wear masks in school because tourists from out-of-state continue to mock the coronavirus. They tell us that this is only temporary and masks in school will no longer be required once the case rate goes down. So, what are they doing to bring the case rate down?

Nothing as far as I can see.

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Mandatory masks indoors, proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 tests for all visitors would be a good start.

John DiToro

Eagle County

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