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Letter: Holiday wishes

This is season of celebration, in spite of the pandemic. I will decorate a Christmas tree (though this year it will be my 3-foot Norfolk pine), light Hanukkah candles in honor of my Jewish sister-in-law, and celebrate the Winter Solstice when the dark days of the year turn and start back toward summer.

I am writing this to put in a word for the world’s atheists. It is quite concerning that many seem to think one cannot be moral and ethical without a belief in a god. I was raised by extremely ethical, non-religious parents. (My father was in the trenches in World War I, and the saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes,” is not true.)

I was never told about the Christian God except at the Sunday schools that I went to with friends. I loved mythology and decided that was what all religions were.

A great book, available at the library, is “What it Means to Be Moral; Why Religion is Not Necessary for Living an Ethical Life,” by Phil Zuckerman.

It does not bother me that other people are religious. What does bother me is when they make laws that push their religious beliefs on me.

After this frustrating, anxiety-ridden election season, I have a hard time understanding the supposedly religious people who supported the most unethical president I have ever had — and I have had 14 presidents.

One of my granddaughters, a nurse, has the virus. I am not praying for her; she would never want it or expect it. She is taking care of herself the best she can and is furious with all those who refuse to wear masks.

I wish you as happy a season as possible. Don’t forget that most atheists are good people. And whether or not we light the winter fires, the sun will turn.

Kay Delanoy



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