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Letter: Holy Cross ballot delay suppresses votes

Ballots for Holy Cross Energy’s board member election were supposed to be mailed out May 6, according to the Holy Cross Energy website, with a due date 30 days later. The ballots for the Northern District were delayed 10 days, giving voters less time to respond. This time of year, many HCE customers take vacations and don’t catch up with their mail until they return. Reducing the time window for voting works toward suppressing the vote.

One wonders, was this delay designed to give the board’s favored candidate more time for publicity, which occurred with Scott Miller’s candidate interviews in the Vail Daily? Or was it an effort to suppress Northern District votes? The Southern District ballots went out earlier.

I believe the public deserves a full explanation by Bryan Hannegan, the president and CEO of Holy Cross Energy.  What happened seems fishy … 

Dave Mott 


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