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Letter: Holy Cross Energy board disregards member votes

The Holy Cross Energy board of directors recently selected Adam Quinton to fill the Northern District board position vacated by Larissa Read. Read was compelled to announce the need to resign from the position less than six months into a three-year term.  She had won the June 2019 election with 39% of the vote, besting three other candidates, the undersigned — Michael Kaddatz (27%), as well as David Campbell (19%) and Kenneth Wise (15%). 

Each of the candidates secured HCE member signatures on the required nominating petition, submitted to a background check, provided professional resumes and actively campaigned for the position. All possessed credentials pertinent to the position’s demands. Read was a solid member choice and a respected board member during her brief time in office.

With so short a time between the election and the need to fill the newly created vacancy, one would think the board would choose a replacement from the runner-up candidates in the 2019 election. After all, they represented over 60% of the member votes and had, just a few months earlier, pursued the position in earnest. But no. 

Instead, the board threw the position wide open to all applicants, disregarding the members’ choices in favor of an expensive, time-consuming process that yielded a replacement solely of the board’s choosing. In doing so, the board was exerting its autonomy from the members while simultaneously having the members fund the process.

The board-chosen process, though not contrary to HCE’s By-laws, clearly disenfranchised member voters, created unnecessary expenditures and consumed the valuable time of many individuals. Nothing in my view would have me criticize Quinton. He may turn out to be the best board member ever. But the judgment of the balance of the board is suspect. While the board may display interest in member feedback at “free” brat and brew events from time to time, its genuine respect for members and their votes is dubious at best.

Michael Kaddatz


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