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Letter: Honoring our veterans

I have the honor of being the coordinator for the Veterans Awareness Programs in the county’s schools that run up and down the valley the week or so prior to Veterans Day in an effort to educate our students as to what it means to be a veteran. This year we visited almost 20 schools!

The questions, comments, and eager faces show that we are making an impact on the citizens of tomorrow.

Thank you to the principals who open their schools to those who serve and to the teachers who open their classrooms for the living history they have to share.

Thank you to the school campuses who welcome the veterans with delicious receptions to include coffee and apple pie, soups and salads, sandwiches and more!

Thank you for the colorful artwork, inspiring music, letters from students, and touching tributes. Thank you for the generous donations to our scholarship fund from which graduates in each of our high schools benefit.

Thank you to Chris Dillmann, Tricia Swenson, and Randy Wyrick of the Vail Daily for their creative coverage. Thank you to our local veterans for taking time out of their lives to share their stories with the youth of the valley and create a connection with them. Special thanks to Pat Hammon and Buddy Sims for finding these vets and encouraging them to join us.

Most of all, thanks to a community that makes its veterans feel appreciated and relevant. 

Debbie Robbins

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