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Letter: Hope Center gives thanks for financial gift

As a newer nonprofit to the Eagle Valley, the Hope Center has been overwhelmed with the support from the community in every aspect. This week we were honored to receive a gift from Vail Valley Cares. The money will go directly to support the work conducted by the crisis clinicians who are responding 24/7 to individuals in crisis.

When someone calls 911 because they are depressed, suicidal or hopeless or perhaps in a psychotic state,  the typical course of action is for the 911 dispatcher to send a police officer to respond. In most circumstances, we would not think of a law enforcement officer as being the person needed in this situation. However for decades, across the country, this is the “system” in place.

Now, the Hope Center clinician can respond with law enforcement, secure a scene and remain for however long is required. The person stays in their home, with their support system. They do not receive an emergency room bill or have to travel in a police car or ambulance. This is the ever-changing landscape of what we hope for mental health to be. We hope to meet people where they are and help them with the amazing resources in the community to find a path to wellness that can be walked together. Thank you to the Eagle County community and an enormous thank you to Vail Valley Cares for helping to keep our doors open and clinicians responding when called upon!

Michelle Muething, executive director, Eagle Hope Center

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