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Letter: How about that ’70’s Fever?

A far out and radical thank you to the Vilar Performing Arts Center for hosting Vail Performing Arts Academy’s presentation of “70’s Fever” the weekend of Nov.13 and 14.

Annah Scully and her staff once again produced a slammin’ show, training local talent in all things ’70s. From “Night Fever” to “Yellow Submarine” these kids danced and grooved across the stage and even sprinkled in some stellar poetry from legendary Shel Silverstein.

An out-of-sight rendition of “Hair” led by Isaac Silvers and Ajay Bentley let the audience know they were in for a treat for the evening. With tunes from movies and hit albums, these kids 8-18 were truly out of sight.

Solos by Luke Campanale (“Let it Be”) and Camilla Hernandez (“Imagine”) would have left John, Paul, George and Ringo screaming encore. And speaking of encores, nothing says ’70’s Fever like the Village People’s “YMCA,” which had audience members flashing back to wedding days of yonder.

As one of the many sobbing parents in the audience, a heartfelt thank you to the staff at the VPAC as well as Annah, Colin, Melinda and all of the production staff and donors to VPAA. We are blessed as a community to have such talent teach future talent.

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Reid Griebling



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