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Letter: How to make Eagle County great again

The Feb. 19 edition of the Vail Daily contained intriguing articles regarding local affairs. Allow me, a winter resident of the Vail Valley and a summer resident of Denver, to share some ideas and opinions to make Eagle County great again.

  1. Housing availability: It is time for ski towns to get off their high horses and begin to build up. For example, there is plenty of land to build a few 10-story apartment buildings where the old Avon STOLport was located. Another example is to build a 10- to 15-story apartment building where the Holy Cross Ranger Station is located at Exit 171 off Interstate 70. The National Forest Service would still be located here but would occupy the first floor when construction is complete. Also, I will pass judgment on Eagle County: How busy are you when there is a finite amount of land to build on? This is not the Front Range where it is flat.
  2. Road Transportation: It is time for us Coloradans to think big again. We built the Boulder Turnpike and I-225 to plan for the future; we built I-70 on stilts through Glenwood Canyon, and we built the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels above 11,000 feet. It is time to complement I-70 with a tunnel system from Denver to Vail. Rather than expand the Vail Pass section, we need to add a toll tunnel from north Silverthorne to east Vail. Then during snow storms, the police would not have to block I-70 as drivers could easily take the toll tunnel which would be safe for all drivers no matter where they come from. Reference the Norwegian Laerdal Tunnel as a model.
  3. Train transportation: Colorado and local governments better get in gear and start planning for a passenger rail system. Undoubtedly, the high country will continue to increase in population. Thus, a rail line would be an additional complement to I-70. For about two decades now, the rail line through Eagle County has laid dormant. It appears that Colorado Pacific desires to purchase the rail line from Union Pacific and open freight traffic. If Eagle County and its voters wish to have passenger rail, then they must plan quickly. For example, there is plenty of land available to build a beautiful passenger train station where the Summer Rodeo lot is located in Avon.
  4. Climate change: Al Gore said the world would be destroyed in 2015. Alexandra Ocasio- Cortez says the world will be destroyed by 2031. Mr. Allen Best is so concerned about buying carbon credits for travel that I wonder if he purchased carbon credits to offset every Vail Daily that published his long-winded, virtue-signaling article about the weather. If he was so concerned about the weather changing for the worse, he would have told the Vail Daily to publish his article online. Thus, saving the weather from ink, recycle paper, cars delivering the Vail Daily across Eagle County, and so much more.

Kyle Bradell

Eagle County

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