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Letter: How you can stop animal cruelty

Colorado Voters for Animals would like to commend Vail Mountain School seventh-grader Reece Joseph for his excellent opinion piece on animal cruelty and what people can do to make the world a better place for nonhuman animals.

Not that long ago animals were viewed as “things” or property, there for our entertainment or exploitation. While we have come a long way from René Descartes belief animals were incapable of pain, so it was acceptable to dissect them while alive and without sedation, we still have a long way to go. Science has demonstrated many nonhuman animals share similar traits as humans; forming social groups, the ability to recognize themselves, having life-long bonds with a mate, the ability to experience pleasure, pain, hunger and thirst. Yet we often ignore or dismiss this sentience.

Let us hope the future is filled with more young people like Reece Joseph who recognizes the animals that share our planet are worthy of dignity, respect and compassion.

Roland Halpern, executive director of Colorado Voters for Animals


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