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Letter: I’d appreciate your vote for Eagle River Water and Sanitation District board

I am standing for election to the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District Board to represent District 4 (Singletree, Wildridge and the Beard Creek area west of Singletree) on May 2. 

In this election, directors are voted on at large by the electors of the entire ERWSD service area even though they represent a specific district within the service area. If you get your water or sewer services from ERWSD and are a Colorado registered voter, then you are eligible to vote. This is not a mail-out ballot or a mail-in election — voters must either request an absentee ballot via ERWSD.org or vote in person on Tuesday, May 2, at the ERWSD office on Forrest Road, the EagleVail Pavilion or the Edwards Field House.  

While the election seldom gets more than 500 or so voters, it is an important one because without careful water management, our community would not be sustainable.

As a 43-year resident of the Valley and business owner, I have witnessed the incredible growth of the area, and fully understand that climate change is real and the combined pressures of growth and decreasing precipitation demand decisive actions to develop new water supplies and storage as well as creative conservation efforts. The board must also continually strive to support its mployees and make the district a great place to work.

If the people who depend on Western Slope water don’t solve our own problems, the federal government is going to come to solve it for us, and that will, as they say, not go well.

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I’ve always followed water issues and water has been a topic of interest in my family for over a century. My great-grandfather farmed near Greeley in the early 1900s and was on the board that managed the Cache LaPoudre ditch (which brings water to farmers in Larimer and Weld Counties). My grandfather owned some of the largest and most senior water rights in Western Nebraska and my parents were both on various water boards and committees over the years in Colorado and Western Nebraska; water was often a topic of dinner table conversations growing up.

I would appreciate your vote, and applaud your effort to get out and vote.

Chris Neuswanger

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