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Letter: If you love music, support Radio Free Minturn

In December 2013 I began my tenure as a Radio Free Minturn DJ. Every week I meet my Bite the Bullet cohost, Dan the Wrench, at the radio station and we play a two-hour set of all our favorite music and talk about local events. Over the years we’ve had countless people call into the show and come in as guest DJs. We’ve also been lucky enough to have musicians play live shows for our loyal listeners.

We enjoy playing songs for people’s special occasions, watching our dogs hang out, and, most of all, having a voice that echoes through the Vail Valley. When people make comments to Dan and I about our show, it means the world to us because we know that locals are listening and look forward to our show each week. 

To ensure that we are able to stay on the air and do what we love, I’m writing this letter as a reminder to those who believe that live DJs matter and that local input makes a difference. There are so many towns that have switched over to solely automated formats but Radio Free Minturn continues to showcase authentic shows featuring locals who love radio and love music. 

For those who don’t already know, Radio Free Minturn is a nonprofit organization that survives on generous donations from people who enjoy listening to a local radio station. This year’s summer fund drive is taking place August 4-10 and I’m hoping that our loyal listeners will donate between now and August 10 by visiting radiofreeminturn.org/youcanhelp. People can also donate while a DJ is live and receive a gift. Please help us ensure that Radio Free Minturn continues its legacy in the Vail Valley! 

Laura Lieff 


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