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Letter: I’m not a local, I’m a native

To Sean Naylor, I read your column, “Not news? You are probably not local” on Monday, Nov. 18. In it, you said, “This is your local news team, and, if you ask me, it doesn’t get any better.” Well excuse me for typing, but I think it can and it must get better. On the weekend picks with Tricia Swenson, did she mention the pumpkin-carving contest we had at our hotel? No! I won by the way. 

And where was your hard-hitting news team when my neighbor’s dog Mia had her Frisbee stuck in a tree, and a team of people had to shake the tree to get it to drop down?! Nowhere! Why isn’t your paper reporting on my friend who had to drive two and a half hours to get to Denver because Eagle does not do direct flights to Crab Orchard, Nebraska?! I mean, come on! 

Sure, your team produces great articles all the time, but take it one step further. Have someone go out to Booth Heights and interview a bighorn sheep. Let’s hear their side of the story. Has anyone ever thought to talk to the trees at the Berlaimont project? Maybe they are sick of standing around all day and they are looking forward to a break! 

The local news could be just a little more local, you know? The one part of your paper I don’t read is “Our World.” If I want to be depressed I will turn on any news/radio and get updates on why everyone outside this valley sucks. So please, have your team keep doing what they do, and I will keep reading … What I meant to say was, do better, and more stories about Mia!!!

Mike Spaid


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