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Letter: Impeach and remove

The lies of President Donald J. Trump, according to The Washington Post, are now up to 15,413 and counting. He has gotten away with criminal behavior and corruption in business dealings for decades and has never been truly held accountable. It is now time to hold him accountable after he has abused the office of the presidency in so many ways these last three years.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there are now 275 good bills sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk; bills such as gun control and reform, health care reform, climate control, immigration reform and infrastructure that the Democrats have presented. McConnell has refused to submit these bills to be approved.

Those of you who watch only Trump’s propaganda channel do not know of the deaths of the children while in custody of the U.S. government, do you?  You believe everything the propaganda channels spew on TV, Facebook and Twitter. Your president cares only about his ego, power and money. How do you explain the behavior and language of Trump to your children and grandchildren? 

 You have watched the patriots in America standing up for our democracy and telling the truth of the lies and crimes of this deranged egotistical person in the White House. Do you not realize that this is not a reality TV show and he is not a reality TV star anymore? This is our democracy at stake. You Republican conservatives have gone from Reagan’s “Tear down this wall” to speaking Russian talking points and spreading the lies of this extremely corrupt president and his administration. The only winner in all this chaos and mess is Putin.

We are now the laughingstock of the world and even our allies have been shown laughing at this president. We have lost the respect of people all over the world and the title as “The shining light on the hill.” I am praying for a miracle, for the Republicans to grow a spine and a conscience and remove this person from office. God help us all if he is allowed to continue with his lies and crimes.

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Linda Carr


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