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Letter: In response to Gun Violence Awareness Day

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

Cathy Vaughn Grabowski wrote in response to the Virginia Beach shooting. She called for “sensible” laws, without giving any details. That is common. Another common theme is the need for new “common sense” laws. Again, without getting specific. What more can be done with laws?

They can’t use “assault rifles” as the villain this time, because the shooter used handguns. Same with the STEM school incident in Colorado. The Florida woman who came here in April because of her obsession with Columbine got a shotgun.

Can’t justify waiting periods, or limits on how many you can buy at a time, like Corey Booker says, because the Virginia Beach shooter bought his pistols in 2016 and 2018, and the STEM school shooters stole theirs.

Grabowski was OK to call for more gun safety education, but that does not deal with the events that prompted her letter. Besides authorizing schools and other likely targets to allow armed personnel, we need to find out why people commit these acts.

So far police have not indicated they can determine what prompted the Virginia Beach shooter. There is vague talk that he was disgruntled, but so are a lot of people who don’t open fire as a result. No note or other evidence of his motivation has been revealed yet. But the key to stopping or reducing the number of these incidents lies in this area. Guns have been available since before this country began, but I am not aware that shootings like these got common until recently. What has changed?

Terry Quinn   


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