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Letter: In response to Jack Van Ens

I am a Florida winter resident and summertime Avon resident, and happy as a clam to be here. My morning routine is to sit on the porch and read the Vail Daily paper — you guys do an excellent job of keeping all of us informed.

I appreciate you giving both conservative and liberal viewpoints, giving us both sides of the coin. In reading Jack Van Ens’ recent column in the Sunday edition, I felt it was important to express the other side of his argument, especially since he holds an authoritative position in the Presbyterian Church. Before you take his words as gospel, let me urge you to do some research on his facts supporting his opinions.

Apparently Van Ens thinks he has a direct line in to President Biden’s heart, which he justifies by listing Biden’s activities. Hmmm, a quick Google search says there are 18 scriptures that states the Lord knows the heart. So let the Lord figure it out — we are not the all knowing God. Next, Van Ens criticizes the Catholic Church for its stand on abortion, justifying his criticism with silly comparisons like the Bible does not discuss X-ray technology either. That is that church’s stand. Not receiving communion is simply the consequence in the Catholic Church of supporting abortion.

So if you don’t think that is your stand, then don’t be a Catholic. Next, Van Ens states his belief that the Catholic doctrine is based on political and financial reasons. He gives support to his decision by bringing in former President Trump. The Catholic Church doctrines were around long before the last four years.

Van Ens’ reasoning, in my opinion, only shows his political leaning in the last four years, not that of the Catholic church. I do agree with Van Ens on one thing: No one can deny Biden his Christian practice. That is between Biden and His Lord.

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My personal opinion, just as important as Van Ens’, is that if Biden’s beliefs don’t line up with centuries of Catholic doctrine, perhaps he should consider changing denominations. It is highly unlikely anyone’s opinion is going to change the Catholic Church.

Our family has changed churches in the past, and it simply states what you personally believe, and you attend church with like-minded believers. Criticizing and belittling another denomination is unattractive and smug, assuming your opinion is the only obviously correct one. Don’t do that. Figure out what you believe and walk your walk.

Louise Poundstone

Inlet Beach, Florida, and Avon

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