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Letter: In support of the CORE Act

As a lifetime resident of Colorado and a person who enjoys hunting and fishing, I support the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act. The Core Act been sponsored by Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper and Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse, whose 2nd Congressional District includes parts of Eagle County.

Last year the bill passed the House of Representatives but, as with many bills, did not go anywhere in the Senate. Now in this new Congress, it goes once again to the Senate for approval. This bill has broad support from a wide range of groups across Colorado. The bill was crafted with coordination of businesses, recreation groups, sportsmen and conservationists over the last decade.

It would protect over 400,000 acres of public lands in Colorado, establishing new wilderness areas and safeguarding existing outdoor recreation opportunities to boost the economy for future generations. This is a win for all of Colorado and it is something that will be important for future generations of citizens.

The pressure from oil, gas and mining on our National Forest is ongoing. With these developments, access is lost to the public. This bill would address these issues by limiting new expansions of gas and oil as well as mining on our public lands. It should be noted that existing permits and leases will stay in place. Thanks to Bennet, Hickenlooper and Neguse for their hard work to put together this bill. I encourage our entire Colorado delegation, including Rep. Lauren Boebert of the 3rd Congressional District, to support this common-sense bill. It would be a win for all of Colorado.

Bill Gray


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