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Letter: In support of the sheriff

When I moved to the valley full-time with my family one of the first things I did was attend a “Coffee with a Cop” so my kids could meet local law enforcement. As the parent of a child with a cognitive disability, I worried what might happen if my son encountered law enforcement when I was not around and he did not respond appropriately. Sheriff James van Beek assured me that local first responders receive training in dealing with people with disabilities. He gave my son a big hug and introduced him to the deputies in attendance. 

In the moment, it gave me peace of mind that several deputies now knew who my child was. In the years since, I have seen the tremendous support first responders provide to our disabled community — the Torch Run, Polar Plunge, and assistance with Special Olympics competitions to name a few. It is clear that local first responders know who many of our children are and actively support them. 

Ghostwriting is very common: Trump’s “Art of the Deal,” Reagan’s “An American Life,” and Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.” The sheriff should be applauded for finding a competent writer to turn his message into words. 

As a Democrat in these highly divisive times, it might be expected that I would revel in the predicament of our lone Republican county-level elected official. However, I do not know Sheriff van Beek as a manager. I know him as a leader. My hope is that this matter will be resolved in a way that does not impugn the dignity and honor of a good man. 

Claire Noble 


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