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Letter: In support of Vail Ballot Issue 2A

As the chief operating officer of Vail Mountain, I am asking for you to support and vote for Ballot Issue 2A. Our community needs affordable housing options for the employees who make this such a special place to live, and Ballot Issue 2A is a critical component to solving our community’s affordable housing crisis.

I have lived in the Vail Valley for over 35 years, and we have an extraordinary quality of life here, but all too often the lack of affordable housing drives highly-trained, experienced, and valued employees and their families away. When these employees leave, so too does a piece of our vibrancy and sustainability as a community.

Affordable workforce housing is a complex community issue that requires a strong partnership between local officials, employers, community members and developers — and it must be a priority for everyone involved. Vail Resorts is committed to investing in affordable housing solutions in the community and collaborating with others seeking solutions.

Ballot Issue 2A, which provides for a sales tax increase of 0.5% (or 50 cents on a $100 purchase, exempting food and groceries) is an important step we can all take together to support the creation of new affordable housing options. By voting yes for Ballot Issue 2A we can support a wide range of housing solutions, including the award-winning Vail InDEED program, public/private partnerships, new developments, the revitalization of existing properties, and regional partnerships towards our common goal, all of which will lead to a more affordable and sustainable future for Vail.

As winter approaches, I’m excited to welcome the 2021-2022 class of Vail Mountain employees. They bring a passion for adventure to our community, a willingness to learn, and in many cases — critical expertise. And for many of them, like us, they are here for the long-term and to build a bright future in our town.

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Beth Howard


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