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Letter: Intolerant and scared

Why is the left — the bastion of tolerance — so intolerant of opinions that differ from its own member, and so afraid to let other opinions be heard? It seems to me that if you’re afraid to let different opinions be heard, you must not think that your beliefs can stand up to scrutiny.  

Leftists try to silence opposition through intimidation. Thus throwing paint on fur coats, holding disruptive protests not just at a bank but at the bank president’s home, publicizing names — and addresses — of donors to encourage harassing action, deceitful character assassination, physically threatening those circulating petitions to recall Gov. Polis, and threatening to “destroy” a business that allowed a petition. 

When I don’t agree with a petition, I just don’t sign. Occasionally I’ve had a conversation with the circulator to learn “the other side of the story,” but never confrontationally. What’s wrong with members of the left that they can’t hear a varying opinion? Why are they so scared? 

The left believes that others are not #Woke. They are enlightened; the rest of us are knuckle-draggers refusing to embrace a socialist future, which they believe will ensure equality of outcome (disregarding individual effort). The starvation and misery of Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist states don’t persuade them. Their trite belief: the right people weren’t in charge. Throughout history, the right people have never been in charge. We need to publicly support conservative candidates and issues. Please don’t let leftist intimidation silence you.   

Bruce Many


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