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Letter: Invest in our future and vote yes on Proposition CC

We are very lucky to live in Colorado. Our state is breathtakingly beautiful, recreational opportunities abound and the economy is booming. Colorado’s livability isn’t a secret — our population is growing briskly.

This Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters have an important opportunity to ensure the most basic needs of our growing communities — education and transportation — are funded. A “yes” vote on Proposition CC will give our state lawmakers the ability to invest in critical public services without raising any new taxes. Currently, the state is prohibited from collecting revenue above a certain cap and must refund any excess to taxpayers. The cap’s outdated formula has hamstrung our state budget for years, evidenced by a $9 billion-plus backlog of transportation projects, a decline in K-12 per-pupil spending and a slashing of investment in higher education.

A majority of Colorado’s counties (80%), cities and towns (84%), and school districts (98%) have succeeded in removing the ill-conceived revenue cap. Now it’s time for us to remove the cap statewide. The refund for 2019 is estimated to be $26 for the lowest wage-earner to $79 for the highest. It is not unreasonable to say that for most of us, that is a small price to pay to prevent further damage to the sustainability and health of our communities. 

Please vote yes on Proposition CC and allow Colorado to make desperately needed and past due investments in education and transportation, for a better future for us all.

For more details and facts about Prop CC, visit the Bell Policy Center website at bellpolicy.org/2019/10/10/2019-ballot-guide/

Joy Harrison


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