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Letter: Is anyone out there?

Is anyone out there irritated and frustrated with the EagleVail/Avon CenturyLink service outage that’s almost weeks old? Or what a joke trying to get ahold of anyone is?

A phone company makes you sit on hold for extended periods while repeating over and over about how great their service is — you know, the one you are calling about that isn’t working. That’s only to be teased when finally connected to an available agent who promptly disconnects, or speaks static, or thinks I’m a genius who understands that every other high-tech word spoken language.

The outage is bad enough, but the useless, unhelpful service makes it so much more frustrating. In case any one else out there has given up, my last update on Aug. 19 is this is indefinite, maybe the 23, but it’s always just four more days, it appears wrong parts were ordered — and we the customer have to suffer.

CenturyLink, if you are still out there, may I ask you to please send us daily updates so we know and don’t have to call your service numbers that provide zero helpless service, since we can’t access that online service you recommend if we’d rather not wait for the next available agent.

Lindy Moore

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