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Letter: Is it time for Kaddatz to go?

By the time I got to Michael Kaddatz’s second paragraph, I was pissed off. Then as I continued to read, I became increasingly outraged. I’m offended by the religious right trying to have the rest of us live by their rules. They remind me of the Taliban, in that they believe women have no rights, making them second-class citizens.

What about all of the conservatives opposed to mandated vaccines, because they don’t want the government to have the power to force them to get an injection, invading their bodies? If the government can tell women they can’t control what happens to their bodies, this will apply to men as well. So perhaps, the government should mandate that everyone will be vaccinated for the public good.

If men had to bear children they didn’t want, I suspect they wouldn’t feel the same.

I’m sorry Kaddatz, but your bigotry is showing , as well as your sexism.

Ron Stone

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