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Letter: Is the Avon Post Office intentionally trying to close down?

Having recently moved to Eagle County, it seems to me that the Avon Post Office has hit bottom and continues to dig.

I have had three items sent me via first-class postage, only to receive them later than advertised. In the most recent example, the vendor sent a small envelope (which fits easily in the smallest of post boxes) on Oct. 18. I received a notification from the vendor it was signed for as received at Avon Post Office on Oct. 23. It was finally placed in my box on Oct. 29. This is not a once-off occurrence; it occurs also if an Amazon package is sent.

I talked to an employee at the Avon Post Office about this continuing situation. She cites that the post office issued a new announcement from the postmaster general that says receiving mail will take an additional week. That week was suppose to be transit time, not time that the parcel sits in the local post office undelivered to its intended post box.

Its not uncommon to wait in the line at Avon Post Office 30 minutes to get to the window. I believe a 3-5 minute wait is acceptable, but 30 minutes goes beyond reasonable.

If the mail is this bad in the shoulder season, what will service be like during peak season? I’ve written the Avon mayor to ask for an intervention, but received no response.

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The Avon Post Office cannot control transit time to its building, but it can do better getting parcels into our boxes.

Mike Bach


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