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Letter: Is there an illuminarium in Vail’s Future?

In the winter of 2019 — pre pandemic — I was on Vail’s Chair 6 with a young man who had an interesting business. He grew up in Vail and graduated from the Vail Mountain School. He told me that he and a small group of investors were working in Sidney, Australia, on a fully digital art and entertainment experience museum. When I asked him the name of this type of museum, he smiled and said it was an unusual word. He called it an “Illuminarium.”

Since I had worked for Mitsubishi Systems, I knew of the rapid progress in high resolution digital displays and projectors. He called the experience immersive and amazing and said to me — just you wait. The experience can include full rooms of super high-resolution images and videos on walls, ceilings, floors. It might include music, narrative, lions growling, geese flying south, an artist explaining their work — vibrations — even smells. Much of the world’s greatest art is now digitized in high resolution.

Fast forward to today and there are Illuminariums in Sidney, Atlanta and Las Vegas with more on the drawing board. The size of Illuminariums will scale from very large to small community art centers. Might this be the Vail Art Experience Center we art patrons have been hoping for in Vail?

As an epilogue to this story, remind me to tell you about meeting the inventor of the cell phone, Marty Cooper — also on Vail’s chair 6.

Kirk Hansen

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