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Letter: Issue 1A ballot language intentionally misled voters

On October 26, the Vail Daily published an editorial entitled “Our View: Eagle County Commissioners don’t need a third term,” in which it stated: “The current question asks voters — in a slightly sneaky way — to add another four-year term to the current two-term limit.” The Daily did not, however, bother to print the actual “sneaky” ballot question. I think that would have been very helpful to their readers and I question why it was not done.

In a Nov. 7 article, following the passage of Ballot Issue 1A, Eagle County Commissioner Matt Scherr stated: “I suppose it could be misleading, but It’s not intentionally misleading.” I would like Scherr to explain to the public how “It’s not intentionally misleading” when all three commissioners voted “Yea” and signed their names to Resolution 2021-062, the official document that was required to put the following ballot question on the ballot:

“Shall persons elected to the Office of County Commissioner be limited to serving three (3) consecutive terms, a modification of the current limits permitted by Article XVIII, Section 11 of the Colorado Constitution?”

The use of the word “limited,” as opposed to “allowed to run for a thirrd consecutive term,” was, without a shadow of a doubt, calculated to disguise the true meaning of the question, in my humble opinion.

The only possible way the county commissioners can restore any measure of public faith in their integrity is to put the question on the May ballot, utilizing language that makes it very clear that what they are asking for is an increase in term limits.

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Morton H (Buddy) Doll


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