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Letter: It is up to us, America

I hope Americans have had enough. I hope once and for all we realize that the scientists were right and that what is called the “scientific method“ has merits. It is apolitical. It is not based on hunches. It is based on statistics, data, formulating and questioning a hypothesis, designing experiments to prove or disprove the hypothesis, looking at results, discussion and drawing conclusions. 

We all want to open up the economy. We all want to end this COVID-19 pandemic ASAP. Lives and livelihoods have been lost and continue to be at stake. 

That said, we can conclude that to defeat COVID-19 we need a few things. One is a centralized, government-led, coordinated and standardized effort.  The second is a compliant and willing population. In my opinion, if you are non-compliant and lead to disease spread or other people getting sick or propagating this virus, you should go to jail. It’s the same as assault. Mask wearing should be mandated by law as should social distancing, and strict regulations regarding public gatherings. As Surgeon General Jerome Adams said, in effect, “requiring you to put a piece of cloth over your face to help with the spread of a pandemic is not taking away your civil liberties or constitutional rights. Wear a mask.” 

It is up to us to coordinate, cooperate, and comply to defeat this pandemic. Why does this seem to be too much to ask of Americans, who are clearly fighting this virus the wrong way? If the answer is because our leaders have ulterior motives and a different agenda, then we need new leaders. 
If we are indeed on a wartime footing, as our president has suggested, then we need wartime actions, both from our leaders and from our citizens. Step it up, America; together we can do this. 

Steve Sheldon


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