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Letter: It’s about decency

I’m proud to say that I’ve voted in twelve presidential elections. And, while my chosen candidate hasn’t always won, and I’ve vehemently disagreed with many of the policies promoted throughout those presidencies, I’ve never feared for our democracy as I do now.  This letter is not about policy, however.  The spirited debate over differences in policy is embedded in our nation’s DNA and should be a healthy way to search for a compromise that benefits all of the people. History will be the judge of the current occupant’s successes and failures as president. This is a letter about his complete and utter failure, not as a president, but as a human being.

Since he first descended his golden escalator and pronounced Mexican immigrants, “drug dealers, rapists and not very nice people,” it has been an endless litany of mean-spirited mendacity, bullying and, at times, outright cruelty. He refuses to take responsibility, always blaming somebody else for any failure, real or perceived. He is seemingly devoid of any of the qualities commonly accepted as decent in our society, lacking compassion, empathy, morality and dignity.

I find myself asking those who continue to support and enable this behavior, “Would you accept this behavior in your own child?” If the answer is yes, then there’s nothing left to discuss. You would be that parent that blames the school, the teacher, the coach, the other kids … or anything else … for little Donny’s behavior. If you find that type of behavior deplorable (yes, there’s that word), then please read on.

With every election, many policy decisions hang in the balance, and that certainly will be the case this year. I truly wish the GOP could put forth a person that respects our Constitution, our democracy and understands the concept of the golden rule; love, compassion, charity and sympathy for all. Unfortunately we now have someone whose behavior and entire existence is antithetical to those precepts and accepted societal norms.

Rather than seek to unite our country in common cause for the betterment of all, he consciously seeks to divide and foment hatred, suspicion and even violence. I urge everyone to vote this November and to put an end to this chaotic nightmare. There is no policy difference so great that it should enable or condone what this man hath wrought upon our country. Surely we, the people, can do better than that. Please consider returning basic decency to the White House this fall, if will be a first step in saving the future of our democracy and with it, perhaps, returning some dignity to the national dialogue.

Howard Leavitt


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