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Letter: It’s all about process on Booth Heights

It’s Oct. 15 in the Vail Town Council chambers with Booth Heights on the agenda. Its three-deep standing room, coupled with TVs of the meeting set up in every corner of the building. The queue for citizens to speak for three minutes snakes into the hallways. It’s late in the evening. The result: The council votes 4-3 in favor of the development with the mayor saying, “Nothing new here.”

Come on, man.

  • A limited number of appellants were able to speak for 10 minutes per the 4-3 council-imposed, legal term “standing” requirement. There was no at-large designation that might have allowed youth to speak, possibly with a Greta Thunberg coming forward?
  • The 4-3 council did not respond to how it was guided by Vail’s posted principles or explore options to develop central town of Vail or Vail Resorts properties.
  • The 4-3 council did not allow a delay on the final decision until after the election.
  • From the get-go, the 4-3 council did not recognize this issue should not be delegated to the PEC — held at a time most folks could not attend, and decided on by unelected folks and compounded with the simmering issue of recusal for conflict of interests.
  • One recent suggestion was a tombstone memorializing the 4-3 decision. My notion is calling it Withering Heights — look up the connotations of “withering” as an adjective.
  • Finally, an opportunity to set a guide for the future — the new council should pass a resolution that clear community-wide issues should be dealt with at the level of the council from the outset. Again, its all about process.

Paul Rondeau


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