Letter: It’s life or death in the 2020 election

If you have grown up and lived in and have received even a minimal education in the United States, you have some knowledge of its history and government. What we think we know and how we see things are quite different and quite the same from person to person. Please be advised that the country and government you think you know and have grown up in has and is being attacked, not just by the Russians but by the Republicans.

I have plenty of Republican friends, but they are in denial. This is not a Republican administration like any other. Vote Republican if you must, but do not vote for Donald Trump for president. If Donald Trump completes this term of office and is elected to and completes another four-year term, the United States you have grown up with and think you know will not survive.  

This is not a normal time or election if there is such a thing. His defeat must be so great that he cannot cancel the election or call another one or keep it from being held in the first place. Only the Revolutionary War, the formation of the current U.S. Constitution, the Civil War, and possibly the Depression of the 1930s rivals in importance the election that will take place in November 2020.

Wake up! The presidential election of November 2020 is already upon us. Please tune in. It is a fight for the life of the United States of America. You must not only vote, but you must also talk to your family, friends and neighbors. This is not like any time or election that you have ever known. The major networks and Fox News, CNN and MSNBC commentators smile and joke while covering their subjects. It is not a joke. It is dead serious.

Trump is incompetent and a bad person. Do your homework. I have given respect to all our presidents right up to the last day they were in office, but not Trump. He only cares about himself and his family first. Don’t be discouraged. Vote, Vote, Vote. Donald Trump must be defeated.

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Bob Essin


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