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Letter: It’s our responsibility to take care of the elk

Obviously, Don Donnalley did not read the story or reports in the Vail paper of the decline in our elk population. Anyone who lives in the mountains and attempts to chase away elk by yelling at them or threatening them really should move back to the big city.   

We are guests living in this beautiful valley we share with the wildlife who were here before us. Unfortunately, gratitude falls by the wayside when we view it as our own. The valley has undergone a tremendous amount of growth and change since I moved 20-some years ago.  

That’s fine, but when we lose sight of why we chose to live here, we will repeat the mistakes others have made. Wildfires, drought, overdeveloping near Bureau of Land Management property, state parks, national parks and our own neighborhoods will result in the disastrous scenarios California has experienced. With responsible development, conserving water resources and limiting growth, we can protect our way of life.

I moved away from the city to be in a place of breathtaking beauty. Away from the mentality of bigger, more and mine! It’s is a privilege to live here. It is our responsibility to take care of the place we call home.

Lisa Delafield 


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