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Letter: It’s time for a change

Consider America’s greatest achievements: World War II and the defeat of the Axis powers; the Apollo 11 moon landing; the defeat of communism and the destruction of the Berlin Wall; the rebuilding of New York after 9/11. 

All had a common theme: a threat to the nation and a leader able to unite the country to face and defeat the threat.

This year saw a similar threat: the coronavirus pandemic.

And what has our president done to unite us to face this crisis? Nothing. He downplayed its severity in order, he claims, to avoid panic. Did Americans panic after 9/11? Did we panic in World War II?  He made masks a political issue by sending wildly conflicting messagesHe belittled his opponent for acting responsibly and wearing a maskHe trumpeted unproven remediesHe criticized CDC guidance on school reopening, turning it into a political issue.

What are the consequences?  More than 198,000 Americans have died; over three times the number of Americans who died in VietnamOver 60 9/11sOn September 11, Canada reported no coronavirus deaths. The United States reported over 1000.

In the face of the greatest threat to our country in a generation, our president proved himself incapable of leading the country. It’s time for a change.

James Harrison


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