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Letter: It’s up to parents to decide what’s best for kids

It was appropriate that Eagle County Schools followed the science and data earlier this summer by removing COVID-19 restrictions for the 2021-22 school year, and properly returned health decisions to the parents and their children.

Every parent has a divine privilege and responsibility for the children they bring into this world. Decisions about health rest solely on the shoulders of the parents. This is a very great and privileged place to be. I am confident that Eagle County Schools will continue to acknowledge and respect this position as children enter the school year without mandated distancing, masking or coerced vaccinations as stipulations of receiving an education.

If the district or public health would consider adjusting the current policy to restrict our children’s right to breathe, the burden of proof lies on each of them to prove the risk to children specifically using Centers for Disease Control numbers (not cases, but hospitalizations and deaths), and secondly, to prove the effectiveness of mandated interventions based on controlled randomized trials, not someone’s opinion or preference, no matter how many degrees they may have. If this happens, I am confident that neither masking, nor social distancing, and certainly not vaccinations, will ever find their way into a school mandate again.

Heather Bergquist


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