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Letter: It’s us … not them

Almost four years after the 2016 elections, Facebook recently instituted a “Preventing Election Interference” campaign. That announcement comes after many years of Mark Zuckerberg denying that his social media platform had any role in swaying the 2016 presidential election.

Zuckerberg and his wife are now donating $300 million to a “Protecting Your Vote” fund aimed at “stopping influence operations,” “fighting abuse” and “fake accounts” and “fighting disinformation.” Along the way is an effort to promote “third-party fact-checking” and reducing the distribution of “false news”

Is this more than a tacit admission that Facebook contributed to and offered a platform for foreign influence on an American election?

I spent many years on Facebook prior to the 2016 elections. I enjoyed catching up with long lost old friends, staying in touch with family, and sending out fun tidbits of my life to friends on the social media platform. At first blush, the memes forwarded posts, and general riff-raff of the increasing conspiracies and politics were somewhat entertaining. I really didn’t think anyone would take this obviously “satirical news” seriously?  

I was apparently wrong.

Many believed exactly what was posted and then forwarded, and they forwarded, and … so on. Most of my posts came from older white male computer social media rookies of the conservative bias.

Heaven forbid you’d ever attempt to question anyone on proving actual facts or sources. You’d be bombed with personal insults and cries of “fake news” with little or no actual facts.  So I quit Facebook (and other activities I used to enjoy) over listening to verbal insults and those threatening actual physical abuse on me and my family.   

And what’s worse?

In 2016 — it was the broad effectiveness of that false propaganda campaign. It has succeeded in fostering distrust of literally every American institution, fomenting rebuke of any dissenting fact, and is successfully dividing Americans against each other. Why go to a physical war or terrorist attack when you win a mental war by getting Americans to turn against Americans?

In 2020 (as just announced by the FBI) — these bad foreign actors are at it again, of course. If it worked so well in 2016 — why change it?

Please stop taking the bait. Do your due diligence and stop being their dupe.

You see, it’s not them … it’s us.

Sig Bjornson


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